Friday, 5 September 2008

Just Friends

Has anyone watched Just Friends before? Starring Ryan Reynold. After the movie ended, my brother asked Winnie and I: Do you think he's hot? Simultaneously we answered YES immediately. Then Kevin said: why both of you answer so fast? Again we said: True bah. He IS hot!

Hot, no?

I always notice the hot guys in movies. Do guys notice guys as well? I know wending drools over McDreamy. Haha. I'm kidding.

Patrick Dempsey. Dr Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy

Seriously is McDreamy attractive? No. He doesn't attract me. I noticed the way he kissed Meredith. It looked seriously wet. Doesn't look appealing. =) I prefer McSteamy..

How do women attract men anyway I wonder..In Grey's Anatomy, Izzie said: blonde hair, the face, big boobs. Guys just notice her as she walks in. She's gorgeous. Anyone would agree.

Katherine Heigl

This post has no point totally. Just thinking aloud. A path with no ending really..

Ok, tomorrow I have to renew my driving license. I can't believe i took so long. If I have to retake the driving test, I'll kill myself. Hahaa..big dumb shit.

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