Sunday, 7 September 2008

Seafood restaurant

We went again to Sweet Happiness Seafood for dinner last night. It was full house last night. Even though we called and reserved a table earlier on, we still only have seats right at the back beside the toilets. Food was delicious as usual.

Its located at Tabuan Stutong Commercial Centre. Behind J&J Cafeteria. Not exactly hard to find but its in a more secluded shop lot. Business hours: 1030 am - 230pm. 530pm - 1030pm. Off on Tuesdays.

If unsure of what to order, ask the taukenio for suggestions. They have quite a few specialties. Also they let us open bottles of whiskey for free all the time. Only downside about this place is they don't have enough staff to cope with the demand of their customers.

Unrelated photo. Ignore this.

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