Sunday, 5 January 2014

Reflections on 2013

This is my half arsed attempt last year. Heheh. I'll try to finish this post today. So this is just a summary of the highlights of each month in 2013. If I want to do the same thing for 2014, I better update my blog a lot more than this. Even though I blog on Dayre, its not as convenient to look back on old posts when I suddenly want to.

OK.enough chatter..on to it!


Made my resolutions as usual and forgot about them. Jeez. So I won't bother making any this year. Just this month (I mean: Dec 2013), I told myself: I would eat more healthily and I did! Managed to lose one kg in the process. What the? Why didn't I do this earlier? So, I actually don't need to set resolutions. Just set my mind to it. See how long this lasts ah. I digressed.

This month (Jan 2013), nothing much happened. Busy preparing for Chinese New Year (CNY) as usual.

Cleaning the house and baking CNY cookies! I kinda dread and anticipate this part. Aniticipate cos CNY's a-comin and we can eat good food. Dread cos making cookies are a lot of work. We always have to double or triple or batch cos we eat so much ourselves.

I also tried to blog 365 days a year but we all know how well that turned out. On Dayre, I'm quite surprised that I managed to blog almost every day. So really its Blogger's fault for being not mobile friendly. Boo..


Busy celebrating CNY - eating, drinking, visiting, eating some more, and drinking a whole lot more. Yep that sums up CNY. Hahah.

Mum, win and I on the first day. 


I won the grand prize during my company's annual dinner. A new laptop!! Soo happy. I wanted an Ipad, which was the second and third prize, if I'm not mistaken. After I watched Hussein and Mary both getting their ipads, I resumed chatting with Nancy, whom I think must not be listening to me. Hahahha. She must be listening out for the grand prize and thinking why won't this Amy shut up?!

So yea, I didn't know I won till Nancy went: its you! They're calling you, and I looked over and the footballers were saying you won!! Then it hit. Wow..I won. :D

On a very wtf note, we (Winnie and I) discussed with mum and Janet on what we want when we die. We were drinking and singing if I die young. Winnie's request included sushi, all kinds of alcohol and a vibrator. =.=

Also cooked more food at home. Experimented with mini pizzas using pita bread. Probably why I gained weight.


The highlight would be going to Tokyo, Japan! Very anticipated trip!! Wrote a few posts on where I went to Hakone loop, tried public bath for the first time, also bathed in red wine, saw cherry blossoms, and went to Disney Sea, among others.


Cs' birthday month. For our birthday's, we torture the other person. The birthday person is basically King/Queen and is exempt of all chores, and the other person is the slave. So yeah poor me. Hahah its all good fun la. Especially when this extends to sex life. Ahem.

We went up to Damai for his birthday dinner..he loves oyster omelet. I think during this time, I went out more with the girls for ladies night. Namely: Winnie, Vero, Crystal and I. Its been a while since our last one though cos Winnie self declared herself sober, and Vero and I might or might not be trying for babies.


I went on Star Cruise with Cs, Vero and Benz. Two couples which makes things quite easy. Two rooms, one taxi, can eat dinner or split up whenever we want to. They were also very easygoing.

Day 1 - the sailing off party from Penang.

  Day 2 - Phuket. We discovered free wifi in this Tiger bar.

Day  3 - Krabi.

This trip was surprisingly fun! I still want to go on a cruise again. Its nice to not have an itinerary. Wake up, eat, bum around, eat again, sleep, go sightseeing. Nice. Beach holidays.


We sold off our house. It was bittersweet. I try not to look at photos of our old place still.

We drove past once and it was so foreign to me. Kids bike in our carpark!! So yeah. Moving on. Out with the old. In with the new. We'll make new memories at our new place. :) I'm currently staying at my brother's place. He lives alone so we have plenty of space to ourselves. Its also really close to my parents house so I have dinner with them every night - home cooked meal ftw! I'm gonna miss the luxuries of home soon. Our new place will be ready sometime mid 2014.

Also bought a new phone! I love my new S4. Wayy better than iPhone 4!


Cs surprised me with a birthday trip to KL. After a lot of hints, I might add. Hahah.

I dyed my hair as well. So sick of my boring old hair. Too bad we don't have number 76 style in Kuching. I would be a regular customer.


Went to KL again with my parents.

We found out about dad's cancer sometime in August. After lots of tests in Kuching, we went to KL to get a second opinion. We remain optimistic and going on day to day life as it is.

We also went to Genting as well. Yawn. Not my kinda thing. Mum and I while the time trying to shop, drinking beer in the evenings together, and sipping Starbucks in the afternoon. Heheh. I try my luck at slot machines and call it a day when I keep losing. How is this fun you tell me.

Oh ya, we also celebrated our two years anniversary. Doing what, I forgot la.


Nothing much happened except a stupid dream of London. So idotic.


Started blogging more often on Dayre and neglecting this blog even more.

I went to Singapore with my parents again to get another opinion. They were going for holiday so we persuaded them to go see a doctor too. Might as well. Too bad we got a prick of a doctor. Sucks big time. The more I think of it, the more I hate him.

The long version of the story is here.


We went to Japan - Kyoto and Osaka this time. Talked about this already so no need to elaborate.

So that sums up 2013 in a large nutshell. Good and bad.

I travelled more than I expected. Last year, I wanted to add new international destinations and Penang. I did both.

We received some bad news out of the blue - dad's prostate cancer. But in the process, our family got closer than before. We accompany dad to all the doctor's, and we spend even more time together. In a way, I'm glad that we sold off our place -  I get to spend so much more time at home with my family.

I'm also soo grateful that my in-laws are so easy going. I seem to have the best of both worlds. Thank God.

This year, I'm not going to travel so much. CNY one doesn't count. I'm going to Taiwan with my in-laws. But after that I actually have nothing planned.

Its back to square one - saving money for house renovations, buying furniture and so on and so forth. I like and hate this part. :) More looking forward la. What sofa to buy, what color theme, bedroom set, how to design my dream kitchen. They other electrical details, water tank, alarm system, etc etc (boring stuff) shall be handled by Cs. Hahaha.

So yeah. I foresee an exciting year ahead! :D

Happy new year! A bit late but whatever. 


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
Cannot wait to see your new house. BTW, my name is Karen from Hong Kong :)

Amy said...

Hi Karen! Happy new year! I'll blog about it for sure! Are you the one who commented before, also from HK? Hahahha..I seem to remember a couple of comments from HK. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy. Yes, it was me who commented before hahaha. Been reading your blog for two and a half years now. Found it after I was doing research for my holidays to London. I know you like London very much lol I do too :)

Amy said...

Hi Karen, its nice to finally know u! Hahaha.. 2 years plus?! I'm shy la. :)