Monday, 30 December 2013

Over the holidays...

So I might have posted these on my Dayre already. Whatever. Just wanted to update this lil space of mine. 

Presents under the tree! Happy sight! I never had this feeling before! Walking past the tree the few days leading up to Christmas makes us smile in anticipation. Oh presents added today again! Wow..that one's huge..whose is it?! So heartwarming.

We had a mini Christmas lunch at home. Winnie insisted on cooking, so she roped me in. But that smart ass got herself drunk and got such a huge hangover on Christmas day that we only had 3 dishes that day. Haha..not all her fault too. Dad went around inspecting our food and went: waa..why so much? Later you can't eat dinner. So we both cut down one dish each.

Dad was making steamboat/hotpot for dinner. His favorite! When we said let's have Christmas dinner at home, this wasn't in our minds. We were thinking turkey, roast beef, pie, christmas pudding. But dad loves steamboat. So steamboat it is la.

I made layered potatoes. Added in hot dogs. My potatoes were not soft enough - should have cooked them beforehand to reduce oven time. Otherwise, its all good.

Mum made this..erm..I don't know what to call it in English.

Winnie made pasta. Its slightly yellowish due to curry powder. Not bad..not bad. In case you nag yao, yes I did taste it.

Cherrie waiting for her presents! Mum insisted we wrap a present for her! Eli opened it. =.= Dog biscuits/her snacks la. What else?!

This is my haul this year. From top left. The London package contains Famous Amos cookies and Ferrero Rocher chocs; 3 undies from Winnie - forgot was it Topshop or Victoria Secret (VS); pink bottle is a shimmering body mist (VS) that smells awesome from mum. 

Kev gave me face and foot masks and a bottle of mask too I think; dad gave me accessories and the BB Cream from Korea (pretty sure mum chose them and wrapped it up saying they're from dad). Cs gave me the L'Occitaine products. My presents kinda typical eh? Hahah..or I'm typical. Oh and a scarf and notebook from Joanna. Yay thanks everyone!

Cs' haul - very manly stuff. Badminton shoes from me and chosen by him; belt and wallet by mum, tie and cuff links from dad; Winnie gave him food; and Kev gave him a badminton t-shirt. family knows by now what a badminton freak he is. He also got a Carlo Rino key chain from Daniel -looks like its gonna be mine! :) Its the one with the silver bow.

Its not just the presents we got. I only knew - it really is the joy of giving. Making your loved ones happy. But damn broke too. Don't know if we're going to do this every year. Gotta be realistic. :)

Moving on.

I made lasagna last night with Winnie. God its so sinful but soo good. We pre-cooked our lasagna sheets, but it still was not soft enough. The two of us took 2 hours to make this.from defrosting the meat till we took it out of the oven. We used chicken btw so Eli and dad can eat it too. 

I adapted the recipe from Karen Cheng. Try it too! I didn't use beef or zucchini or beef stock. Used chicken breast, chicken stock and added no zucchini. Didn't think our timun (cucumber) would taste as good. Just added more carrots inside. Still good. You can adapt the recipe anyhow you want. I used one can of plum tomatoes and one small can of tomato paste instead of all tomato paste. Works fine too. 

OK insert vain photo like I always do. I don't look like this btw. Edited the original photo with Perfect 365. Voila. Fake version of me.

Can you tell what I did? Lemme tell you!

1) Removed blemishes (including my mole!), and under eye shadows.
2) Brightened skin and lightened the color a bit.
3) Slimmed my face a bit.
4) Added color contacts.
5) Added fake eyelashes on top of my already fake eyelashes. Jeez.
6) Heightened my nose bridge a little. Almost forgot this step.

Think that's it. The app is not bad - go download. A lot of tweaking to get the effect you want but worth it. I don't even have to go under the knife or get botox. Just use Perfect 365. Hahaha but kinda depressing la to know how much I had to change to look like this. Ish.

Ok bye.

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