Saturday, 28 December 2013

Autumn colors and bamboo groves at Arashiyama

This was at a temple in Arashiyama. I forgot the name! It was so beautiful, but a bit crowded. It was a Sunday and most of the people were locals. But still okay..still able to walk slowly and enjoy the sights.

 We used our S90 - it looks small compared to lots of pro looking cameras. Initially wanted to borrow Jerrick's camera but in the end decided that we're not that used to it. Plus we liked this S90's size. Small and light. Too bad its a bit dated.

Oh btw most temples have entrance fees. I think about Y500/RM15 each.

I was worried that we would arrive in Kyoto too late for autumn colors but we were just in time. Probably the last weekend before all the leaves fall away.

So surreal standing there and looking at the scenery. I was persuading Cs to try the boats but he went: harr? In that tone of voice that suggests he knows he's gotta do all the work, so he better talk me out of it fast. Wise. Married a smart guy. Heheh.

We went to the bamboo groves afterwards. I have always wanted to visit ever since I saw the photos long ago. Its quite easy to find..just follow the crowds actually.

It was cold and sunny that day - perfect weather for a long walk.

Its too bad that we are such lousy photographers too. A lot of our photos turn out mehh/blur cos of the cold too. Numb fingers and when the wind blows, we hurriedly keep the camera. Haha.

 If Jerrick was here with his pro camera, he would spend ages/hours taking photo after photo.

Us, we just walk around, snap a few shots and ok. Let's go. Oohh look they're eating ice-cream. Let's find the stall. Hahha fail.

Said ice cream stall. It tasted like roasted green tea! Very very good! 

Yet another temple we saw along the way. Didn't go in this one though.

I'm not very talkative today..not feeling very well. But I just wanted to update my blog. I also wanted to end this post with a photo of us. Randomly selected this one at KLIA waiting for takeoff. 

I miss those days already. Especially love the first day of arriving in a foreign country. So many days ahead to look forward to. The first night in bed, I'll normally think: still 6 more nights to go! Plenty of time! By the 4th, I stop thinking like that. Haha. Cos a bit tired and maybe homesick already. 

OK. I'll update more next time.

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