Monday, 9 December 2013

Life's like this

Hello. So I want to properly update my blog on recent life events. Just whatever's been going on. In no particular order:

I'm back in Kuching now. Spent a lot of money - feeling quite broke (credit card bills), and tired (walking too much from day to night every day), but it was super fun so no complaints. I would do it all over again. I'm having a hard first day back in the office - keep day dreaming or getting distracted. Wondering why everyone is so hardworking except me? Hahaha. I did do my work ok. Finished off all my work like a good girl.

Shirley had her baby shower yesterday. Posted the photos on FB and got me soo jealous. Not of the baby shower. But that we can't be there for each other. Weddings, babies. Sigh. Not to mention the little stuff in between.

Sucks so much that we can’t be there for each other during important events in our lives. We didn’t attend each other’s weddings. Why?!!! Plane tickets so expensive. I attended the one in Kuching – thank God for that. But I missed out the one in London. I didn’t get to see her in her Vietnamese wedding gown, or help her out during her big day.

Now that she’s pregnant and giving birth soon, I’m missing out too. No doubt she would miss out on my turn too. Its not our fault. I guess you could say where there’s a will, there’s a way. Yea right, not when its money issues. Its just so not worth it to rack up credit card bills. We keep in touch through whatsapp and Facebook now. Thank God for free social media.

She’s the person I feel I grew up with. We changed so much. We learned so much together. She’s the person who, upon arriving late on Xmas eve, called me on my phone and said: pass the phone to AL now. She asked me to pass the phone to AL cos she know that my impatient self will screw her crazy for being late and not knowing the directions to where we were. Sorry anakliew. Point is, she knows me so well. She puts up with my bad temper and my impatient-ness. Sorry. Now its Cs' burden (Gawd I sound so bad).

She’s the person who laughs like crazy watching movies on her computer alone. She’s the person who comforted me, who helped me massage away all my bruises, and who laughed with me for so long. I miss her. Why did we choose to study so far away eh? Should have chosen Singapore so we can still visit each other easily. Haha. Now we have all this time difference rubbish - can't even talk on the phone to each other cos when I'm working, she's sleeping and when she's working, I'm getting ready for bed.

Daddy updates - he's fine now. His PSA dropped for now to zero point something, which is good news. This means the treatment plan is working so far. We are still looking for a cancer doctor - going to see the one in BMC. Waiting for now. Dad continues to go for regular blood tests to monitor his PSA. One of his foot and leg is swollen though. No idea why. He's going for another test on Wed and we shall see what it means. Wish us luck and keep him in your prayers please.

I like that dad seems to be grasping every opportunity to make himself happy now. Eat the food he wants, go travel whenever he wants. Which is good. Mum accompanies him everywhere. As long as they're happy, we're all happy. 

It is December already. Man time flies soo fast. Its twister fries season again. Its Christmas in another two weeks. I foresee a lot of activities and outings to come. This Wed is my new nephew's full moon. Means its his one month umm birthday? One month old. In Kuching, we typically celebrate this by eating out with friends and family. This Sat is another friend's wedding. End of the year - wedding season.

A lot of people are just starting to go on leave, but I have finished mine already. The office will start to become emptier and emptier as the days go by. I like it this way actually. Not as noisy and bosses normally give us half days and casual days on Xmas eve and NYE. Which is perfect cos I always go to the saloon immediately after to prep for the night ahead. Hahaha. 

Ok that was an update. Photos next time.

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