Thursday, 19 December 2013

We're celebrating this year!

This year, the Simon family got a christmas tree. We're going to give each other presents too. I had to force Kev to join in though. Everyone else readily agreed except him. 

 When I told him, he went: harr?? Count me out!!

Me: you're part of the family! Must buy!

Him: Why?? We don't celebrate Christmas! We're not even Christians!

Me: I am. Dad's thinking of converting too. This year we're celebrating. So suck it up!

Him: (moved to the sofa to roll about): whyyyy?? 

(continues whining/mumbling to himself for about 5 minutes)

Then: ok fine. I buy keropok one packet.

Me: nooo..must buy more!

Him: fine! Two packets each!

I give up and walk away. But I still continue to nag him everyday la. :)

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