Thursday, 9 January 2014


This is still the first night btw. After Arashiyama, we went back to the hotel for a much needed shower and change of clothes.

Lazed around the room debating whether or not to go to Kiyomizudera. I forgot how lazy one gets during winter. Its cold out and I'm so warm and comfy in bed. Aih. Should I drag myself out of bed or not? Ok..5 more mins. 2 more mins.. Dilemma. Yeah. I forgot that part.

But it was still only the first night so we did go out of course.

Might as well do this OOTN thingy. Cheat one cos I wear almost the same thing throughout the trip. 

On me: jacket from a shop at Ximending, Taipei. 
Gloves and inside top from H&M Tokyo. 
Jeans from Romp, KL
Boots from a night market in Taipei.
Bag from F21, Singapore.

(just realized it sounds like name dropping as if I travel alot yerr..but actually all quite cheap stuff)

Cs' jacket from Penang; jeans from Matsuda or Romp in KL; camera bought online; shoes (he wears the same one every day) from Taipei. He swears its the BEST shoes ever! Airy, light and he wears them day and night 365 days a year, and they are still fine. No wear or tear at all. I really believe him. I'm planning to buy myself a pair if I can next trip. 

Moving on. We took a bus there straight to Kiyomizudera. A lot of people going at night apparently to catch the night illuminations! So pretty!

Their lights super strong/bright la. 

Have to walk up a hill but its ok cos there are lots of small shops to look at. They sell lots of souvenir items like fans, food, and er..what I don't remember now. I didn't stop to shop through cos wanted to get up to Kiyomizu for photos first. Kiasu ma.

It was so cold actually so our hands were numb and we were hurriedly taking photos without caring if its blur. So of course most of them are blur la. Dumbo.

I made it! I'm here. Despite the cold, there were crowds of people - locals and tourists alike jostling for positions to take photos. You are allowed a max of 1 minute or less (definitely less) to hurriedly take photos. It helps if you're taller or if your arm is longer. 

Aside from the crowd, it was breathtaking. Cool wind blowing and the view is

A bit blur..

OK things to know:

There is an entrance fee -Y500 each I think.
When taking photos, kiasu a bit and get to the front or stick out your arm as far as it will go.
Its cold (did I mention that?)
The entrance time at night is about 6 pm to 10 pm. I think. Go check Japan-Guide to reconfirm. This was in early December btw.
Its definitely worth the trip at night.
When you walk down the hill, stop at the shops - they give free green tea and lots of free food samples.

Of course I don't know what its like in the day time since I wanted to see it at night. Try it and let me know will ya?

After that we just went back to the hotel to rest. Think we squeezed in another public bath. Nice..

Ok bye.

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