Monday, 27 January 2014

Updates times infinity

Hello. So I want to update my blog with pictures. But the Internet failed me. Anyway I'm not here to whine today.

What I have been busy with (in no particular order):

- baking - actually on Sunday's only. The past three Sundays to be exact. Pistachio cookies, bourbon cookies, seaweed crisps, muffins, and choc chic cookies. I'm all baked (no such term but whatevs) out.

- sleeping - to compensate for all the baking. Hahaha. I feel like such a pig.

- cleaning the house - a lie. I only cleaned my room. God bless Eli. On another note, Eli is leaving us!!!!! She's gonna get married. Congrats to her la but we're not going to survive without her.

Examples of how Eli is a God-sent. (This should be a whole new post)

- she told my dad to bring a watch to go jogging so he knows what time to come back for dinner. Dad (perplexed): why??!! Eli: Cs has to go to work at 7pm and he can't go on an empty stomach. =.=. She's so nice! And so considerate.

- when she knows Winnie and I are baking, she cleared the island early in the morning so its empty and clean for us to start. She'll chip in to help too if we ask her.

- She baths Cherrie (every 4 days in warm water, towel dries and blow dries her fur), and hand feeds the spoilt brat. Mum spoiled her. Eli is spoiling her now too. When mum's not home, Cherrie sleeps on Eli's bed too. Didn't know they are so close eh?

No need to say about how she always returns money she found (in pockets etc), or jewelry or whatever. She's always been so honest. ! Argh where are we gonna find another Eli?

OK. Back to what I've been doing these days:

-  working - normal la but I ran out of things to say.

Main point why I've not been updating this blog is cos the Internet sucks in my bedroom. Always cannot connect. I don't bother trying anymore. I just use my phone to go online. And also, I have good old Dayre, which allows me to blog on my phone. Hu ha. Blogger go eat shit la you.

Ohh sorry I take it back. Trying to be all zen now.

In the name of the new year and all that! :) Peace.

So its 2 more working days to go before I go on leave!! Yayyy!!! Cannot wait for a looong break of bumming around. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep continue for 10 days. :)

Yah I took quite a lot of days off this year.

Umm...what else? Daddy's fine, thanks for asking. So's Kevin - the BFG as I like to refer to him. Fondly. I also refer to another woman in the office as the BFG. Heheh but you don't need to know that.

We've been playing mahjong almost every night these days. We here refers to me, Win, Cs, and sometimes Kevin. Mum comes in to critic our choices. Whoever mum helps always ends up winning. Tis the power of mum.

Yeah..mum taught us to play when we were kids so we could play with her and grandpa in Taiwan. Kev's the best among us. I ALWAYS lose. Always! I'm that bad. Even Cs the beginner is better than me. Ish. This is why I don't play much. Does this mean I'm bad at strategy? Or I'm always too ambitious - always trying to get better cards. Never settling for plain old "bo tai". Oh wells. Either way, I lose. No fun.

What else? During CNY in Kuching, we also always play 21 - blackjack. No brainer la everyone knows how to play and this is the easiest to gamble by far. Was planning to wear red undies this year for luck but it turns out red is my unlucky colour! If you're the year of the rat, your lucky colour is black and white. :)

Coincidentally my dress on the first day is white. Yay. Now all I need is another white undies. Hahah. And black accessories and money money come. Yeah right. I wish. I do actually. Money come.

Ok that was an update. Laters.

If I don't update again, Happy Chinese New Year!!

May we all win more money!! 

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