Sunday, 9 February 2014

A little about Taiwan and stuff

Well damn has it been so long since my last update?

So I'm back in Kuching. We arrived late last night about 11:30 pm. After unpacking, having supper and talking with the family, we collapsed in bed about 1:30 am. Woke up around 11 am today, napped once around 3 pm to 6 pm. And now I'm here ready to collapse soon. Hahha. Recuperating from non stop walking the past 9 days. Tired mannn..

Ate a lot of good food. As witnessed on my Dayre. Well I posted some. Got my cravings satisfied.

Some night market food. I still don't know what that top left thing is. Cs read the chinese words but he's still confused =.= Some fancy name. Tasted like fried cheese, mozarella inside but mixed with something else and topped with takoyaki toppings. Still nice. Top right is a bowl of fried oysters - very worth it. And the dumpling thingy is oysters and meat inside. Cherries below. And some pork ribs thingy in the bag.

A typical breakfast for the both of us. Shared this and then a glass of juice! Perfection! That's oyster omelet (we ate a lot of oysters this trip. Scared to go blood test now) Ru rou fan/lo bak peng (braised meat sauce with rice and an egg), and that's mee hoon with ru rou fan sauce. Prefer it with rice though.

Niu pai. Beef steak with spaghetti. We have this in Kuching. Tried the one at Kenyalang. Mehh...don't like it. Actually I don't like this one above too - think it was kinda mehh. At a food court in some shopping mall.

Shop? Well...its technically winter so all sweaters and stuff. I bought two dresses, but gave one to Eli. I love that dress but I also love Eli. So gave her one la. Cannot be selfish! Heard that she was sick over cny..kolien. 

She got married btw. They exchanged rings already. Eli delayed her return cos she didn't want to abandon us during cny, busy period cos we couldn't find a maid in time. So they exchanged rings only. Feel sorry for her. But so grateful too. We didn't ask her to do this. She volunteered. Haih this makes me damn sad. Where can we find another Eli?? EVER?!!

Cherrie is angry at me for abandoning her for so long. Really!! She growled at me and won't let me carry her yesterday night when I went to see her. Then this morning she was still angry at me. But about 6 pm, finally she forgave me sort of. She wagged her tail (finally) and came running around me and allowed me to carry her. She's not angry at Cs though. Unfair!

Eli said: Cherrie tunggu kamu bawa walk walk. Kamu tak datang tengok dia. (Translation: Cherrie keeps waiting for you to bring her walk walk but you didn't come.) Just now I wanted to bring her walk but she ignore me. This dog damn stingy la. Think she's the boss of me or something?! Hahha. She is. Princess.

I bought a few pairs of shoes though! Happy me! Determined to shop some. Cannot buy clothes fine. I buy shoes! One pair of heels, two flats and another erm loafers (?). Happy me. All less than Rm 39. Yay. Got cheaper ones for RM 20 but cannot fit me. Oh well.

Cs being a good uncle. This was yesterday morning when we left Taiwan.

About 5 seconds after this photo, Nathan peed all over Cs' shirt. Hahah kolien. Poor thing both of them. Nathan looks bewildered like what's going on? And Cs was panicking: what to do? what to do? where's everyone? It was just us three waiting for the rest to come. Heheh. 

This was on a cable car going up to Maoking mountain (I think). I have never sat so long in cable car ok! Cs fell asleep!! About 30 mins? I'm guessing la. But there's only so long you can admire the view, and take photos. Which is about 1 minute. Hahahah the next 29 you're just thinking, when is this going to end?

The view up there was worth it la! So ok worth a go. Tickets costs only RM 5. Single. Love that entrance prices all so cheap one.

We had coffee and some light food outside. Nicee. 

Been eating ALOT this trip. Drank apple sidra (which tastes like zapple only less sweet), almost every day. Bo su go buy chocolates to eat some more. Ish. I saw a guy having chocolate and it looks so good that I went to buy one myself.

I was so afraid of gaining weight. Weighed myself just now. Gained nothing phew. Same old same old. All that walking helped offset the food and drinks. Yay.

Ok update more next time.

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