Monday, 17 February 2014

More Taiwan

More Taiwan photos. Quick one today cos I'm not feeling very wordy or long winded. Surprise surprise!

Got these two dresses for RM 25 each at wu fen pu. Not much choices cos mostly winter wear still. Regret not buying more from that stall though.

My cat hair tie. Cute or eerie? Got it from the underground mall. Forgot how much. Only dilemma is I don't know which way the cat is looking when I tie my hair.

Starbucks was full so Cs and I sat outside a bench outside the shopping mall. It was cool and slightly drizzling but still kinda awesome being there. On holiday. No need to work. No fixed plan for the day. It was there that we saw a homeless guy (or so we thought) and debated whether to leave some bread or coins for him. Until his wife came out of the mall and kicked him in the shins for falling asleep. Hehe. Really thought he was homeless. Sorry man.

Told you we stayed in a homestay right? This is one of the rooms. Awesome eh? We booked three rooms for the 7 of us. Cs and my room was smaller by half. The same price though. So I guess when you make the reservation, you just have to request for a bigger room?

Everything looked new and clean. Very good. The staff come in once a day to take out the thrash and sweep the floors but that's it. No thorough cleaning like in a hotel room. OK la. I would still stay here again. RM 140 I think per night. If I'm not mistaken. Best part of the room is the washing machine and dryer. So nice can do laundry at night.

Saw Shinjuku plaza and took a photo.

We went to try TGI Friday's cos I wanted a change. Service was damn good ok. Sat down and gave us free milkshakes to try immediately. I'm a sucker for free stuff can you tell? Small milkshakes of course but free nevertheless.

My bacon cheeseburger. The bacon turns me off actually. Not crispy enough. Handed the whole thing to Cs. But burger was good! :)

Cs' pork ribs? Must be pork right? 

This is us in our small room.. it was just enough for the two of us. Oohh btw new phone cases. Actually mine is a sticker. But our casing quite cool - I like. Its just the sides only - need screws to open and close. Quite mahuan now I think of it. Cs lost my Malaysia SIM card so I had to get a replacement card. But we couldn't open my phone case till we found the mini screwdriver. Err yea. But still cool. Heh.

The infamous ah chung mien sien where everyone eats standing up. No chopsticks just a spoon to slurp it all up. I miss this!! All those people standing around are customers ah. Always a huge crowd whether day or night.

Our apartment is just opposite this place. Good location.

OK update next time. Bye.

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