Friday, 14 February 2014

CNY day 1

This was from the first day of CNY. To be honest I got confused already between what I already posted on Dayre and my blog. Most of the time I end up going: aih no need to post la. Heheh.

But I'm sure I didn't post this vain photo yet! Curled my hair in the morning and put on make up. Dressed nicely while Cs lazed in bed. Booooo.. guys have it so easy. Hmph. He took all of 15 mins to get ready whereas I needed an hour. Washed and blow dryed my hair some more. 

Then we went to my parents place to give out ang pau. First one was Eli. She collected so much angpau lo. All of us gave her, including Winnie. Then ama, and my aunts give her too. Cos Eli so hardworking. We also gave out ang pau's to my parents, Winnie, ama and the kids. Ok la once a year. 

I actually only have this photo with mum and Win. Didn't even take any photos AT ALL with dad or Kev. What the hell man. And today's chap goh meh already. It means 15th day of CNY, which means today is the last day of CNY. Time really flies. 

My mum looks good for her age eh? One little girl (about 10) was over at our house that first day. She went up to my mum and said: jie jie, wo yau pei ji (Translation: sister, I want a cup please). None of us heard this except mum.

 I turned around to find my mum laughing hysterically to herself while she related this to us. Jie jie (sister) ok!! My mum is 55 this year. She was SOOO HAPPY. My dad heard and immediately burst out: ni jiao ta jie jie?!???? (you called her sister???) All the adults burst out laughing at dad's indignation, and mum's hysterics. Heheh it was funny then. Still funny whenever I think of it now. The little girl was bewildered: like what's going on?

Come to think of it, its been a while since I heard jie jie too FML. A lot of cousin's kids or friends kids or Cs' brother's kids call me aunty now! My mum in law wants the kids to call me ah sim (sounds damn old please!!) But I always say e e (aunty), while pointing to myself. Heheh.

Since its Valentine's today, got excuse to post photos of us. Heh. 

I stayed at my parents place till about 1 pm only I think. Then we went back to change and went to the airport with his family. We stayed in KK for a night before going to Taipei. Stupid AA changed our flight time to and fro. Cheaper but unreliable. Oh well. 

I bought my dress from H&M in Japan. It was on sale. I saw the dress months ago in KL and in Singapore. But I refused to buy because I had a sleeveless dress exactly the same also bought in H&M. But in Japan, it was on sale. Aih so cheap and some more I keep trying it on again and again. So fine. I bought it! Yay. No regrets.Its fate. Haha.

Supposed to wear this dress tonight again but decided not to put on makeup since we be going to the beach! Got excuse to look terrible since I'm not staying at home. Going to overnight at Damai. Happy me. Wanted to go to Damai since forever. Plus I'm lazy to pack all my makeup stuff and remover. Not that much la but yeah lazy. OK bye.

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