Monday, 24 February 2014


Singapore trip from last year. Found this in my Drafts. 

Fond memories of shopping with mum, stopping for beers and recharging ourselves - me playing with my phone and her playing Hay Day whenever we come across free wifi.

Mum bought me that demon light thingy cos it was Halloween and lots of people were wearing it. She said it suits me. So I wore it to dinner with dad's friends and inside the casino. Hahah. Got a few stares - this juvenile girl not gambling but walking around the casino with that ridiculous head bead drinking beer. Yep that's me.

Another night found mum and I inside Planet Hollywood (me thinks) drinking again after our shopping. Looking at these photos got me thinking: would be nice to have a daughter right? More than a boy cos daughters will accompany mum's shopping and drinking but not boys. 

Look at how often Winnie and I went out with mum to VA over the years, and Planet. Proof eh. And how many times Kev went out with mum? None! Kev doesn't drink or shop. Cs ah? Don't remember the last time he went out with his mum only too. Mostly just his sister. More proof!

Gawd we two are bad influences for each other. This was after shopping at Orchard. Tired from shopping - find a bar to sit down and drink. =.= Talk and people watch.

And this is our pre-dinner drinks in the hotel lobby. In our defense, there was some happy hour going on. Buy 1 get 1 free I think. Uncle Johnny and dad came to join us shortly after this! :)

OK last photo. Aside from all the drinking, we ate a lot of food during the trip. Shopped a fair bit. Gambled a fair bit (the men only). 

In case you think we are such alcoholics, we only drink in the day time on holidays okay. Holidays what. Why not? And its not just me. When mum and Winnie go on holidays, they do the same! 

Notice what's the thing in common? Mum. So its mum's fault. Hehe.

I can imagine her reaction reading this.

Spluttering in disbelief: moi?? moi??

OK bye.

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