Sunday, 11 May 2008

Victoria Arms

Friday nights I'm often seen at Victoria Arms (VA). Its the only place in Kuching where I have room to dance. I really don't like Soho. Its so crowded. Some people like Soho cos its the "young people" group whereas people think of VA as old ladies club. Its ladies night on Fridays till 9pm. Then the guys flood in.

I honestly don't really care about the crowd around me. As long as you play good music, and a dance floor. Then I'm definitely in. I don't care about the crowd.

I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking here:

Cas, Winnie, Steph, and Kitty. At the beginning of the night. Everyone still looking fresh.

Sisterly love. Winnie and I.

This is Kitty and a member of the band. She must be going for the zombie/vampire look.

Some more photos:

This is mum and me. That night someone was surprised to know we were mum and daughter. She always thought we were sisters. Mum was so happy. I should feel bad. That means I'm looking old...

Oh yea, By the way, it was Kevin's birthday last night. This was the cake we bought him. His first words upon seeing the cake was predictably: FUCK!

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