Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A Chinese story

I just finished watching a Chinese series called chuo ai e shen. Sorry, don't know pinyin. In English it means to love wrongly the whole life. or love the wrong person for the whole life. something like that. Its going to sound confusing. Bear with me.

This movie is about two women who give birth at the same time in a country town in China. One of the woman, from Shanghai died giving birth to her daughter. The other woman also gave birth to a daughter. Since this was in a country town, the poor woman's husband was the one who received the babies. No doctors available.

The Shanghai woman is from a rich family and when her family came to collect the baby, the poor country woman gave her own child over to the rich family in hopes that her baby will have a better life.

She regretted her own actions and tried to switch the baby back but was unsuccessful of course.

By a weird twist of fate, the poor woman's husband who received the babies could tell them apart. His own child has a birth mark on the stomach while the shanghai baby didn't.

10 years later when he saw his child bathing, he noticed she had no birth mark on her stomach. He knew that the babies had been switched. So, being the greedy man he is, he went to Shanghai to try and tell the family to get money from them.

Ironically, no one is home except his own daughter. She knew he was telling the truth since she really had a birth mark on her stomach and at 10 yrs old tried to kill her own father to stop him telling everyone the truth. Why? Cos she enjoyed her life now, being pampered and being a little princess. She doesn't want to go back to the country side.

The police came. Believed her story. years went by. He eluded capture and went for cosmetic surgery to change his appearance. Ironically, the cosmetic doctor is in love with the shanghai daughter. who is staying in shanghai then too.

there's too many things to talk about. how am i going to finish this story? damn.

i will remember this story. i learnt the lesson this story is trying to portray and no. i'm too lazy to share it here. sorry.

no one is reading my blog anyway...


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