Saturday, 31 May 2008

Gili Gulu

Address: Gili Gulu, 50-52 Monmouth Street, London, WC2
Nearest tube: Leicester Square or Covent Garden.

I have a sudden craving for Japanese food and suddenly thought of Gili Gulu which is situated somewhere between Leicester Square and Covent garden.

The price is quite reasonable though for Japanese food. Normally I'd choose the buffet set meal where you can have no more than 20 plates for 13 pounds. If I'm not mistaken. Lazy to check anyway. Its on a conveyer belt and I noticed the food for lunch and dinner are different.

20 plates is more than enough. None of my guy friends managed to have more than 20 so far. No one. So, its quite filling.

Dinner has more choices. Also you get free flow of green tea. Service is normal, nothing outstanding, just normal Chinatown service which means rude.

There's a choice of rice and salmon, rice and prawn, as well as a few cooked dishes for the less brave, such as dumplings, fried noodles, peas, and chicken on skewers, and even spring rolls.

This is prawn with rice which is willie's favorite. He normally has around 3 plates of this every time we go there.

For me, I normally wait for my favorites:

Unagi sushi. Eel.

And raw fish egg.

In between, I eat other stuff.. :)

From searching google just now, it seems that Gili Gulu has closed down as of 17 December 2007.

I'm feeling hungry but really shouldn't eat. Everyone's telling me I gained weight.

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