Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Today while queuing up at LCCT,it was packed full with people. This 2 Indian guys, I watched as they pushed their way through the crowd, using their luggage to nudge people out of the way.I had a really long day and no way I'm going to let them push me around.

As they pushed their luggage to me, i stood my ground, glared at them and said what are you doing?

He answered equally loudly: I'm going to Kuching.

I said: The queue is back there. Not here. You're not in the queue.

He said: WHat? So?

I said: You're cutting the queue. Go cut behind someone else. Not in front of me!

(I was scared of course since I'm alone, and they were big guys. They could've beat the shit out of me. But i guess i was tired and angry)

Finally, another guy helped me and said: yea, queue's back there boss.

I thought wtf? you call them boss? They're downright rude and bastards.

They finally went to stand behind me. Not at the back of the queue! Since no one else dare open their mouths. Or maybe they just don't give a shit. Unlike me.

When I finally reached the front of the queue, 2 guys came to push me out of the way again, their hands outstretched with their Airasia booking form and IC. I didn't move. Instead, I shouted: DONT TOUCH ME!!!

He ignored me of course. I was fucking pissed and fully prepared to make a scene if he was up to it.

They were pushing others out of the way and trying to push me aside even though I was in front and no one was saying anything. How can?!

If the guy behind the counter who was serving actually took those guys paper before me, I would fucking make a scene! I was already preparing to shout out: NO WAY! HE WAS BEHIND ME!!!!

But luckily the counter guy took my side. He ignored them and said: Miss, your IC please. Hah! Being a girl does have its perks at times.

All the while those idiotic brainless guy kept trying to push me aside.

I didn't push back of course. Don't want to get beaten up. But I was willing to take the risk since i said again: DONT TOUCH ME!!!!

I hate rude people like this. So annoying. I was bubbling with rage then. They were probably thinking: Bitch.

He was obviously raised in the jungle. Malaysian jungle.


Being a girl sucks. So fucking vulnerable in appearance.

When I have a daughter I'm gonna have her trained in martial arts, or karate definitely. Kick their asses!

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