Wednesday, 14 May 2008

For Shirley

This is a tribute to how much I miss her. It will take too much time to write our story. I'll start with your birthday last year bitch:

Shirley's 23rd birthday cake.

We met in 2002 when we were still in college but we're not close at all till we decided to got to London together in 2005. We did it.

Our actual plan to stay there for 6 months, or the most a year failed miserably. I will never forget the first day of our arrival in London. I'm not going to mention it here, but I don't think either of us will forget it. She cried like crazy btw. =)

Anyway, the night before, we went out on her birthday: Me, Nifer, Mandy and Shirley. We've never really cam whored professionally so photos are painfully limited. Behold:

Almost identical twins. When we go out together we tend to buy the same things. This time its Nifer and Shirley's matching jacket and make up.

From left: Mandy, Nifer and Shirley:

I've just finished exams 2 nights before. After exams I embarked on a drinking session, followed by catching up on sleep to wake up and get ready for a clubbing session till 7am then sleep then wake up to another clubbing session which is today. SHirley's big day. So, I look like shit here with my Guiness:

That night we ended up at Turnmills at Farringdon which sucks big time. Sorry babe. None of us knew the club would sux.

I'm sorry babe. I'm sorry we sang your birthday song in the middle of the road while searching for the club. It was pathetic. We were lost and searching for the club with many others when it struck midnight and there we were singing Happy Birthday.

I'm also sorry the stupid club ran out of tickets that we had to turn to another club.

I like this photo:

Gums and butts. How fitting in London. Where the floors are littered with gum. Everywhere. I didn't know at first what they were. Now I do.

I attended this speech by Contact Singapore in London. One sentence stands out: Come to Singapore. See if there are any gum on the streets. Everyone laughed out loud at that.

Anyone who lives in London knows how Picadilly and Oxford, or anywhere, the streets are littered with gum. Whereas in Singapore.....there's a blanket ban on gum.

The year before, on her 22nd birthday we went to Fabric also at Farringdon. With Jacob. Just the three of us. We were total freshies man. I didn't even drink then. kinda hard to imagine, I know.

Here you go:

Total geeks.

I miss you. I sound like such a lesbian now. But its ok. Most people probably have mistaken us to be lesbians back in 6 Linkway eh.

Life without you is so different. I can't believe last year is over. I'd give anything to turn back time..

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