Thursday, 15 May 2008


My faithful companion, my laptop:

One major, major breakthrough has to be the World Wide Web. Last year when I was in Newcastle with no internet for 2 weeks, only then I realized how cut off from the world I was.

First, I couldn't keep in touch with course mates to discuss our assignment and exam tips together. We sent tons of emails to each other everyday to discuss our assignments, presentations, or just to organize outings together and chat on msn at night.

Second, I was out of touch with Winnie, my sister and family back home in Kuching. Msn means webcam and microphone. Only means of contact was through msn and Friendster which brings me to no. 3

Third, social networking is so popular now: Friendster, Facebook, Hi5, Orkut, My Space etc etc. That's how we keep in touch nowadays with friends from high school. When you want to know about a person but don't dare to ask them face to face, or where hackers steal your private information because we all reveal too much on these sites.

Fourth. This shouldn't be in the last section. I couldn't study at all. My class notes were posted on the school portal, and also on our professor's own website which I couldn't access without internet. No dissertation at all.

Before I went to Newcastle, I actually spent loads of time downloading all class notes, and downloading random reading material which I would use for studying, and going to the school library to borrow books to read. I'm such a geek.

Jacob with Nifer's laptop. Jen. Jen. Hahahaa.. Sorry nifer. Can't resist.

Ironically, one of the topics in my exams was on globalization in the business world. For me, I experienced globalization for the average young adult.

And you know you can't survive without the internet nowadays.

Everyone would have no life without their laptop. This is Shirley with her own:

Shirley discovered a new world within =)

I prefer to read news online rather than on newspaper. Its more up to date. For example the earthquake in China. I had already read that there were 10,000 deaths from the earthquake before I read the newspaper and found out that there were only 5 deaths. Hmm...a bit behind times..

Social networking. Where else do some people have like 500 friends on Friendster? That is a laugh. No one has that much friends. But you get what I mean. All of us belong at least 2 of these websites. Brainless, time wasting yet addictive websites. =p

Nifer networking:

I love youtube. It has absolutely everything. From the latest music videos, to movies, to cooking recipes, to how to apply eyeliner, to how to create your own webpage or anything. Basically everything.

These websites are so addictive. Upload a video and you're hooked. You want more. Or watch one video and click on another and another..Before you know it, an hour has gone by.

A bit like eBay. Bid for something, then you bid for more and more useless, pointless crap you don't really need. Its the satisfaction!

With no tv, our laptop is our companion. Here is willie at home:

And on the train playing football games on his laptop:

Now we pay using PayPal, Moneybookers. If you don't know what's that, you're behind the times.

Everything is online now. Here is our messy living room. Its not always like this. Its just everyone is busy packing. Yet busy on the laptop.

Here is another photo of the living room at 168B Jamaica Road, our makeshift cybercafe. 5 laptops. Yes, that is what we geeks do.

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