Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Starry Starry Night

I remember in Form 4, my english teacher played a cassette in Literature class. One phrase stands out: Starry Starry Night.

It was a windy night. I went jogging in the park just now. After 40 mins, I went to play on the swings.

I could feel the winds blowing as I pushed myself to swing higher, higher and higher till I felt the adrenaline rush as the swings start to creak.

With my iPod playing in my ears and millions of stars in the heavens tonight, I felt lost in the moment.

It was drizzling earlier and there were dark clouds over the horizon. But as I watched, the winds blew away all the clouds leaving me with an endless stretch of stars.

Its been so long since I've seen this. In London, you'll be lucky to see the moon even. Buildings, fogs, clouds cover everything.

As the wind blew, I watched as the clouds were blown away, opening up a sea of twinkling bright lights: stars. I couldn't have counted how many there were. Baby, I felt lost in time..

I've never been much of a romantic but ever since young, I've always loved watching the stars and the moon. At that moment, while I was on the swings I wish I had an ice cold beer with me, or better yet, someone to share it with.

This is Hotel California by the Eagles.

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