Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Movies I watched recently

1) The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Damn. He's hot. Prince Caspian I mean. I like his accent. And watching London Underground brings back memories of not so long ago. The scenery of Narnia was beautiful. Overall, the movie was ok lar. Nothing outstanding that makes me want to watch it again. But at least it kept me on my toes throughout the 2.5 hours movie. Not something I'd watch again though.

2) Iron Man

I love this movie. I actually went to watch it at the cineplex twice. Once with Kev, Elaine, Winnie. And 2nd time, just Winnie and me. We were bored at home. I barely went out nowadays. Stayed home 24/7. Desperately needed to get out of the house. ANyway, Iron Man, cool movie. I liked everything about it. The directing, the plot, the scenes, the actor, actresses everything. Definitely must watch.

3) 27 Dresses

Well, its an okay movie. But lovey dovey marriage are not my thing now. Next.

4) The Forbidden Kingdom

Well, I liked the movie well enough. Some parts made me smile. But I don't understand why the sudden switch from Mandarin to English to Mandarin. That really sucks. Something is not right here. Picture this: You're in modern America. Then you suddenly fall back to ancient China where everyone speaks Chinese. Suddenly along comes Jackie Chan. He speaks English. Then suddenly everyone else speaks English. That's too weird.

I liked the part where Jet Li and Jackie Chan were teaching him Kung fu. Monkey God was acted by Jet Li too, very obviously. Anyone who can't tell desperately needs glasses.

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