Thursday, 8 May 2008

No to Amy Winehouse

Know this person?

She's always caught on possession of some drug. Her beehive hairstyle was used to hide drugs. I can't deny that I do like some of her songs. But, I refuse to buy her albums. What for, to sponsor her drug abuse?!

Because my name is also Amy. And Amy Winehouse is always in the tabloids in London, everyone knows her. Most of the time when people see me and realize I'm called Amy, they'll be like: ohh..Amy Winehouse!! Damn. I hate it!!! I hate her.

The press make her out to be some crazy person. She shows up late for her concerts or no shows, and she has these ugly tattoos over her anorexic body and she abuses alcohol and drugs. And she has a husband in prison right?

Sorry I sound like a bitch. But she's always getting arrested over possession of some drug or other but she's never been in prison except to visit her husband. She's been in and out of rehab. She even sang a song on rehab. Damn.

Say NO to drugs. Say yes to alcohol. =p

I like her song rehab. Heh heh.

Sanj said she's been to Fleet Street McD a couple of times and he's served her before. He seems serious. Could be true though.

Sanj's the one who keeps calling me Amy Winehouse.

No way. Nothing alike! This is me:

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