Sunday, 11 May 2008


I went to Soho on Saturday night with the same group of people.

It's the same every Saturday night. So crowded you don't have room to breathe, to dance except shake your hips.

Tonight, there was this group of people beside me. One guy and 2 girls. He was dry humping 2 girls. What is dry humping you ask? Well, he was fingering and touching the girls while they rubbed themselves up and down his body. I was watching. Haha..

First they started dancing close. One guy and one girl. Then, they rubbed their bodies together. The girl thrusting her hips to the guy's abdomen while his hands explored her body. Then he was kissing her while his hands were going on a round the world trip.

Then another girl came in. She pressed herself to the girl while kissing the guy. Then the guy slipped his hands into her jeans.

Bet he was stiff then. They're not dancing on the dance floor. They are having sex with clothes on. He was kissing first one girl, then both girls, then all at once.

Kitty was like, get a room. I was like, holy shit. 3P on the dancefloor.

I got to know some of Steph's and Winnie's Swinburne friends. Cool guys from Bangladesh, if I'm not mistaken. Dancing at Soho sucks. We're not dancing. We're having a pushing match most of the time.

The group with the most friends and are the loudest wins. That's Kuching.

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