Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Friday night went out with Winnie, Pivian, Kitty, Steph, Sarah, Lyn and later on with Angelo them.

I shall let the photos do the talking here. In the beginning of the night, Me, Pivian and Winnie. My new hairstyle btw. Red and short. Not liking it.

Kitty, Sarah, Steph were up at Camp Permai for a day trip and rushed home to get changed and came to VA. Freaking tiring I imagine..This is our group photo at VA. Its ladies night.

Hot Chicks. Winnie, Pvn,Kitty and Lyn.

The more the merrier. We must be the loudest group there that night.

Dancefloor. I like Pivian's camera. Much better than my own..

After VA, we went to MOJO to meet up with some other guys. This is our group at the end of the night..outside MOJO.

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