Wednesday, 18 June 2008


I went to LSC today to get my certificates and academic transcripts. After waiting for half an hour, it was my turn.

He asked: when did you apply for them?

Me: Last year.

Him: What?

Me: Yea. So it should be ready by now.

He gave me a dark look and went to search for it. Then came back with a not-so-thick stack of certs and transcripts. After searching through he said: Its not here. Maybe its not ready yet.

Me: What do you mean not ready?? Michelle sent me email saying it was ready.

Him: I think maybe its thrown away. Because you took so long to come and collect it.

Me: I was in my home country. I came back for graduation only.

Him: Ahh..ic. I understand. Well, we can't keep hundreds of transcripts you see. So we must have thrown it away. But you can reapply again. This time you don't have to wait 6 months. I promise it will be ready in 6 days.

How could you throw it away? Its not even 6 months yet. We haven't even attended our Masters graduation ceremony.

I gave him another receipt which claimed I can get 5 pounds back from my graduation robe back in January.

He said: I can't. My colleague is not here. Come back next time. She deals with it.

Me: What if next time I come here and she's still not here?

Him: Good question. Hmm..let me see what I can do.

He goes away a moment and comes back to inform me that his colleague is out to lunch. You'll have to come back later..

Sigh. Why am i not surprised?

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