Thursday, 5 June 2008


This is our family room. Mum, Winnie and I share a bed, while daddy has a single bed on his own. I hate sharing a bed with winnie and mum.

Shirley probably remember that night in Sunderland, what did I say on sharing a bed. "I only share a bed with guys" Her mum probably had a seizure hearing this. Truth is, I forgot aunty was there. Got used to kidding around with Nifer and Shirley like that.

Anyway, one night of sharing a bed with mum and winnie. Winnie was kicking the whole night. I slept 4 hours and gave up. I woke up early and read in the bathroom myself for 3 hours till they woke up.

Next day, I got an extra blanket from Housekeeping and slept on the floor. Its been months since I slept on the floor. That time was in 168B, with Willie. Even then it was uncomfortable. Now, it was torture. I wore a t shirt, jacket, long jeans to sleep and a thin blanket. And i hugged myself to sleep. When I woke up, I felt like I hardly slept. No willie to keep me warm anymore..

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