Thursday, 12 June 2008

My New Hairstyle

Ok, I'm not the most adventurous or daring person. I normally go for cuts that suit/flatter my face shape and body size. lol. But now, I'm doomed... I cut and dyed my hair and i hate it.

Before I reveal how I look like now, I shall show some vain photos of previous hairstyles..Bear with me please.

This photo was taken in 2006 on a cruise to Amsterdam. I had long hair but of course you can't see it. I tried looking for photos of my hair down. But anyone who stayed in London knows how the wind is sometimes..London weather is like a girl's mood. Can be bright and sunny one moment then gloomy and cloudy and dull.

The closest photo of me with my hair down in this computer is:

This. With a cap. Shot taken outside Buckingham Palace. I was with Shirley and her mum to see the guard changing.

Anyway, I had curly hair too. New Year's Eve 2006.

To be honest, I was very worried how it'd turn out since I never curled my hair before this. All the time in the salon, I kept telling my hairdresser: what if its not nice. Be careful ok. Not too curly. I'm scared. I never did this before. Like losing my virginity. OMG.

After the curls, I straightened my hair and cut it. The result:

Like I said, bear with me. This is a very bimbo post with vain pictures. Hahaa..

Previously before I cut my hair, it was like this. Yellowish. Highlighted, and looks very dry. This was before.

OK..New hairstyle coming up.. Next post. Sorry. Its too hideous. I regret!!!

I shall upload the New Me next time.

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