Wednesday, 4 June 2008

KL Trip

I don't know about others but I love traveling in a plane. I like being on the plane. Long distance though. Not Air Asia. Its so frustrating to have to jump up and run to queue at the departure gate with everyone else because there are no assigned seats. Its based on a first come, first serve basis.

At the check in counters, you have to push and fight your way to the front. It sucks. No, that wasn't summed up correctly. It SUCKS!! It FREAKIN SUCKS. Tony Fernandes, do something about this. I know its a low cost airline, but dammit. You're turning all Malaysians into Barbarians!

As soon as the announcer comes on, everyone jumps up and grab their bags and push their way to the front. The only other alternative is to pay RM20 for Express Boarding meaning you get on board ahead of everyone else. Lucky I'm very kiasu and have a very thick face and walk fast so I somehow manage to get to the front of the queue almost all the time. =)

That aside, I'm talking about my KL trip right?

We stayed at the Federal Hotel which is not recommended for other people. I doubt if we'll ever stay there again. Dad somehow decided to change his routine of staying at Melia, and told us to book Federal this time. Where do I start?

The disastrous reception staff just could not understand what I was saying. He was obviously in the wrong job man. Seriously. We were staying for 3 nights and he booked us for one night. Then he gave us 2 rooms separated far away from each other. Then he looked blur when I asked WHAT??!!

This is mum and winnie at The Outback restaurant. I'm thinking its an Australian restaurant since they have a huge poster of Fosters. And Cheese fries on their menu.

Winnie ordered this. Melted cheese and bacon on top of fries. Very fattening and delicious. Mayo on the side. No wonder I gained weight. Sigh.

One good thing about the hotel is the pool which I love:

but unfortunately can't swim in because my period came on the day itself. Talk about bad timing.

Mum loves to shop at Sungei Wang, and dad at Lot 10. So here we are:

Our little iban family on holiday in KL. Minus winnie photographer and kev in kch. I'm totally kidding about the iban part. We are as far away from Iban as possible. I just like to joke about it. Behind dad's back of course. =)

While mum and dad went up to Genting, I had to babysit underage winnie lest she gets kidnapped by some stranger in KL. Kidding. I wanted to go to Genting to watch dad at the roulette table. But my period was in heavy flow man, and also of winnie.

Winnie and I went to Times Square where we wandered away happily, browsing but buying very few things really. We decided to catch a movie at 6:50pm. My Wife Is A Gambling Maestro. A Hong Kong Film. Bought the tickets and waiting for the time to pass when I said: This is such a waste. We can watch movies in Kuching. We should be exploring KL!!

Winnie agreed. But what about the tickets? Well, I wasn't about to throw away RM 18. I decided to go around the cineplex selling the tickets for the movie which is about to start 10 mins from now.

I went up to nearly every person I saw and said: Hi, do you want to watch this movie? I sell you cheap. Discount price. Chinese movie. A comedy. Very nice. We have good seats etc etc.

An Indian couple was interested and was asking me about the movie. I neglected to mention it was a Chinese movie till they finally realized: what? chinese movie? no no no no. Winnie added helpfully: It has subtitles. lols

Then to my big surprise, a Malay couple beckoned to me: Come. I buy from you. Cool!!! I got back my RM 18. yea. cheapskate Amy. The tickets were sold by 6:50pm. Right on time.

Through this funny sales experience, I came to realize that most people were quite scared/wary of me. Probably thought I'm insane or what. Most people eavesdrop when I talk to someone else. But the moment I look at them and walk up to them, they turn away, look at the floor, eyes averted till i have to tap them on the shoulder and ask:

Excuse Me. You want to watch this movie? *big smile*

This is what I looked like selling movie tickets:

Am I that scary?

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