Thursday, 26 June 2008

South Korean cram school

I never knew schools like these existed until I read this article on International Herald tribune. I shall briefly explain here.

Apparently, these boarding schools are targeted to youths who have finished high school. In these schools, boys and girls are stripped from cell phones, magazines, internet, TV, PSP, iPods etc. No accessories, no dyed hairs etc. You get the drift.


These things are deemed distractions. These students are at cram school to study. For those who have failed to enter the university of their choice. Apparently in South Korea, the competition to enter top universities are very intense.

Students wake up at 6:30am and go to class at 7:30am. Only at 12:30 am are they allowed to go to bed, or continue studying till 2am. The rules and regulations are so tight and the school is miles away from the nearest public transport that students have nothing else to do except study.

Most students who enter this cram school have been rejected from universities and have understood failure.

Copied this:

Students wrote pep-talk notes on pieces of colored, sticky paper and kept them on their desks. "I may shed tears of sadness today, but tomorrow I will shed tears of happiness," one said. Another common note said: "Think about the sacrifices your parents make to send you here."

Some more, these boarding schools are expensive: 2 million won, or $1,936, a month.

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