Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Saturday night

I might as well blog about last Saturday night at Soho since everyone else has already done that. I'm LAZY!

I just finished watching Bring It On. In It To Win. And yea, good movie. I like the hot chicks, their bods, and also their dance moves. Hell, combine beautiful people, sexy bodies and hot dance moves, and yeah I'm in!

Its a typical high school film with the cheerleading and gay cheerleader, drama between girls, cat fights etc, but still not a bad movie. Because of the dance moves only. Watch it!

OK. Last Saturday night, I was driving. So, i watched others drink.

Lynn downing her Flaming. Her first time and first night in Kuching btw. She just got off the plane and went straight to Soho. Thats why the others were getting her to drink and she was so damn happy after drinking. She had Corona, Flaming, 2 Tequila shots. And she is gone. Kidding. Nobody was drunk that night though Lynn was very tipsy. She kept saying thank u, thank u.

This was taken in the car on the way back: Kitty, Lynn and Steph.

As usual, I love clubbing with party people who dance! And everyone in this photo is so up to it. I haven't met many guys who really enjoy dancing and so far the best male Asian dancer award still belongs to Wai Tjun. Hahaha.. Our very own Drama and Dancing King.

The non Asian best dancer is Simon. My Polish friend, a musician. Naturally high when there is music. Even in London in the clubs, people were staring at him jumping up and down. No photos cos my laptop has gone haywire on me. Update next time.

This was taken at the end of the night. Kitty and I with Angelo, Tausif and Shaveem.

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