Friday, 20 June 2008

Southwark Park

Trees are no longer bare, but all green again. I've watched all four seasons in this park for nearly 3 years. So many memories in this park alone, just less than 5 mins walk from 168B Jamaica Road.

Jogging with Nifer in the freezing cold winter mornings because we ate too much the night before.

Buying cheap loafs of breads and bringing our stale leftovers to the park to feed the ducks and swans.

And all 3 of us forgot to take the key out in our eagerness to feed them. Terrible. Had to take a 30 pounds taxi to New Cross to get the other pair of keys on Christmas morning. Some more we had house guests with us during that time. We left them waiting at the park, in the cold. Sorry guys.

Shirley, Nifer and I attended bonfire night 07 at Southwark Park which was quite a disappointment really. Barely 5 minutes of fireworks display. Spent the time eating hot dogs, chips and just talking.


Without make up.

Also, watched dog show and the parade alone in the park while taking a break from studying.

Lots of after class walks in this park alone with my iPod keeping me company.

Sign says: Do not exercise or allow your dog to foul the estate.

Walks in the park with Willie in an effort to take in some outdoor exercise even though I could barely jog 3 mins. My ears hurt whenever i try to jog outdoors. Yea, I suck. I know. And no, I don't want to wear a hat to jog.

Plucking berries off the tree to eat. Nifer and I didn't know it was edible until we saw a woman plucking some off a tree to feed her kids. =P

Nifer looking all summer. Barefooted, flower in hair, and sundress...

I shall end this with this photo. Snowing outside 168B.

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