Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Back again

I brought 2 laptops to London again this time. My Toshiba to repair at PC World cos its still under warranty. The Kuching Toshiba manufacturer told me that it'd take a long time for the parts, warranty procedure and also that my Toshiba laptop model is not sold in Malaysia. So, I should bring it back to London to repair. Boo!

So, my hand carry is quite heavy. From Kch - KL, the few people around me watched as i tried again and again to lift my heavy hand carry to the luggage compartment on top. No one offered to help. And I hurt myself. Finger bleeding. Damn..

KLIA's satelitte terminal. I was killing time, waiting for my flight

From KL - London, its a different story. As soon as I lifted up my bag, 3 pairs of hands came to help me lift it up. Yea. I was saved. We were brought up in a different way. During disembark, the nice gentleman next to me stood up and asked which one is my bag and lifted it down for me straightaway. Thank you. He was very nice. Kept talking to me throughout the flight and making jokes. Unfortunately, his Scottish accent was too strong and I hardly understood his jokes. I just smiled lamely and replied some only. Silly Amy.

Cotton wool . Marshmallows. Clouds.

12 hours 45 mins + 2 very unsatisfying meals + Ugly Betty episodes + Spiderwick Chronicles + Just For Laughs, Jumper + Dr Norton Hears a Who + countless orange juices minus sleep later, I arrived at Heathrow. Sleep deprived. Dehydrated. Tired.

Queues at immigration again. Same questions again. Said goodbye to nice gentleman who sat beside me. Waited for luggage and went out to meet Shirley. But she was late. Again. =) Hahaa..

Not too long later, 3 bitches reunite at Southwark Park.

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