Thursday, 6 March 2014

Turning green

Not the green you're thinking. Heheh.

(Wrote this post a while back but only posting now. Cos its a good reminder for myself.)

Talking to le cousin just now.. 

She’s going to Japan in April, and London and Paris in May. She asked me for advice for both places.

Gawd I’m turning green in envy as I’m giving out suggestions on where to stay and how much money to bring.

In just that short while, I felt transported. Alive even. Away from here. But I’m back here now.

Consoling myself that I’m younger but I have traveled to those places already. I’m already more fortunate than a lot of people. 

I’m pregnant – it’s a blessing. Our home will be completed this year. Both of these are going to take up huge amounts of time and money over the next few years.

When I’m older and more well off, then I can travel again.

For now, count your blessings mi. Writing this actually worked. I’m already blessed. Thank you God.

I already have everything I need. Everything else are extras.

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