Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Trying to be healthy

I still try to work out a few times a week. These days its mostly 2 or 3 times a week only. About 1 hour sessions. 

Some days I can get through 1 hour easily and continue on some more. Some days, I'm panting really hard. My heart beats faster, I'm short of breath and I just feel my body overheating. So I stop and walk slowly. I rest a few minutes. Continue exercising. Short of breath again. Turn up the fan speed and rest awhile. But all this makes 1 hour pass by really slowly.

Just now, after work, I came home and did my usual remove makeup, change to workout clothes, brush teeth, wash face, wash up lunch things, do some little chores, and go over for dinner at my parents place. Dinner tonight was roti canai (the frozen ones) with lamb and vegetable curry (dunno why there are two types), fish, and vege. I had one roti canai to myself. It was yum!

After dinner, I went to open up youtube and found some pregnancy workout videos. Tried to follow the exercises for about 15 mins. Gave up cos I was panting and I didn't like the routines. So I went to my treadmill for about 35 mins. Went back home, climbed up the stairs, opened my room door and collapsed on the chair. Hand clutching my heart, and panting like hell. What the hell? Ok I know exactly why la. 

I'm afraid to tell Cs when something like this happens lest I get lectured. OK I'm afraid to post this lest I get lectured too. Sheesh. 

My body really isn't my own. I'm so NOT used to this part.

I'm not used to a lot of things now but this definitely makes the top 10 list. 

I badly want to exercise to be healthy, but my body is making it hard for me now. I want to go swimming more often cos its supposedly good exercise for pregnant women. Now I miss the pool.

We have a KL trip next month and I was asking Cs is it possible to book a hotel with a pool just so his crazy pregnant wife can get some exercise in. Hahah. But cannot la cos we have our days planned out already.

I miss my hula hoop and my skipping rope. I miss dancing most of all. Sometimes when I'm lazy to go on the treadmill, I would put on some music and dance around in my undies and bra. Can easily work up a sweat in 15 mins. Its still some form of exercise. I miss. 

Cannot jump around, cannot move my  stomach or hips cos I have stomach pains/cramps quite frequently but apparently these are all normal. Yawn old news. So yea. I can only miss. 

I'm going to Google for more pregnancy workout now. 

OK bye.

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