Monday, 24 March 2014

Baby bump pics

Sorry! More pregnancy talk. I had to keep things quiet to myself for a few months..not easy ok. Pretending to be fine (no, I'm not sick again..just dizzy. Must have ate something wrong again - all lies), sucking in my tummy (hahah) trying to avoid wearing tight fitting tops or cropped tops. I wear baggy clothing all the time now. Frumpy is my new look.

Sucking in tummy part definitely doesn't work anymore. I have gained 2 kg btw. Apparently in line with my pregnancy so far, which is good news. In the beginning, when I didn't gain any weight, I was ecstatic! Yes!! Beat the odds.

Then, as time went by, I grew a little worried. Ehh when is my weight going to increase? Where is all the food going? Is something wrong with me? Maybe dad is right after all - am I really eating too little?? What if Kevin is right - I'm starving the baby?!

Then suddenly last week, the scale went up 2 kg. No warning at all. Ok fine. All is well.. Baby is growing fine. 

Actually not much difference 13 weeks or 16 weeks right? Feel like it could be just gas or constipation. Jeez. 

I'm so impatient. I wanna skip straight to 38 weeks please. Let me give birth already. Choi, I know. Touch wood. Better pray everything is fine. OK slap my mouth while I'm at it. 

But then actually time flies. Its been 16 weeks already? Or 4 months for those lazy to count. Kinda surprised myself. I don't like it when everything is in weeks either but everyone (doctors, nurses and articles) all seem to refer to the cycle in weeks so its just easier for me. 

I went to search through pregnant women photos on Instagram using the #16weeks to find out how big other people's bellies are in comparison to mine. Some are really big already! I plan to ask the doctor this Thursday if my baby is growing normally (in size) or not. Hate to say this but dad and Kev criticizing on my food intake isn't really good for my mental state right now. Sometimes during dinner I force myself to eat even though I don't want to and feel sick later on. =.=

Ahh moving on. As of now, my morning sickness is almost all gone. Thank God. My appetite is increasing. I think of food all the time. Deciding whether or not to book Osome pizza this Friday heheh. 

My neck and shoulders aches every single day now though. Boo. It used to ache too cos of my work sitting in front of the computer 8 hours a day (so unhealthy). But these days its much, much worse. My back is starting to ache more and more frequently also. These pains I'm very worried about cos no doubt it'll only get WORSE the later in pregnancy. Dammit. How ah. My only solution now is going for massages. The few masseuses at our regular massage place know I'm pregnant already cos my stomach and boobs got bigger. Now that I look bigger, I shy laa.

That day while carrying little fatty, I commented on how she seems to get heavier every day. Cs: no ler. She feels the same to me.. Only then I realized. Ohh shit..its me. I can't carry her for long periods anymore. That fatty is taking a toll on my back. Hahaha. 

Said fatty has her eyes closed here but she's still so cute!

OK. I don't know what else to update anymore actually. Post a vain photo and call it a day!

I hardly put on make up or dress up at all these days. I salute Cheesie - how she can manage to look so good everyday at 27 weeks?!! I bet mum is criticizing me behind my back too. How? Most days I still want to collapse after 5. Especially Friday's. I'm starting to salute working mum's already now. How do they have time to cook dinner, bathe their children, and clean the house while going to work in the day time?

Cs' next door neighbor apparently wakes up at 5+ am every morning to cook breakfast and lunch for her family. Then after work, pick up children and come home to cook dinner some more. Spoil market woman! Howw???

Maybe if I continue working after giving birth I can afford a part time maid eh - so the clean house part is taken care of. Since both of us are working, we need to send the baby to baby sitter's so I just need to take care of the after 5pm part. Plus dinner. Not as bad in comparison.

Ok enough. Stressing me out. I'll worry about it when the time comes.


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