Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Baby talk

Last night, I think I felt the baby's first kick. Could be second or third for all I know. Those websites keep describing them as flutters, or a swiping from inside. I caught myself wondering a couple times before if this was it? Oww..what was that? Oh wait was that a kick? Then telling myself no lah. Can't be. Must be gas. Or round ligament pain or something else.

So what happened last night was me feeling hungry again by 12 am. Why baby why? I already brushed my teeth, gargled my listerine and am all snuggled in my blankets listening to the rain outside. Aaahh..time to sleep. And my stomach starts growling, my gastric feels a bit painful. Shit! If I don't eat now, no way I can fall asleep. 

So I finished a packet of biscuits. I keep a lot of handy snacks in my room now. So unlike me. Brushed teeth again and snuggled on bed again.

Put one hand on my tummy and asked: are you happy now? Go sleep please.

And I felt a nudge on my tummy right where my hand had been. 

Don't know why but I wasn't that surprised, shocked, or touched (worst mother ever). I just mused out loud: hmmm was that a kick? That was you right?

Cs: whaaaatttt????? He/she kicked you? Really? Do it again!!

So I guided his hand on my tummy and spoke to him/her again: daddy wants to feel it too. Try kicking again. And voila. Another kick on his hand. 

This kid quite obedient ah. Cs almost started tearing up (maybe I shouldn't put this here), and talking to the baby again. The usual stuff: baby guai oh.. go sleep now. Daddy loves you etc etc.

I keep telling him to say something more interesting instead of repeating what he says every night. Such as reporting about what we did that day, where we went, what tv we're watching, or badminton since he likes it so much. Hahah but he's like baby won't understand that yet la. 

Actually despite what I said above, till now, I'm wondering: was that really a kick? It definitely felt different from other pains. This doesn't hurt cos he/she is still so small. But it definitely felt like movement that is not gas or what I felt before. Only logical conclusion was the baby. 

Our next scan is next week. Can't wait to find out the gender. Some couples can wait till 9 months, till giving birth to find out the gender. Not me. I wanna start buying pink stuff already if its a girl. Hahah.

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