Monday, 8 April 2013

Lost in Translation

7 April 2013

It's 3:47 am Tokyo time. The airport is empty save for those few still awake or cannot go to sleep. Most people are claiming 3 seats and lying across asleep. I was one of them from around 1+ to 3. Now it's Cs' turn so I'm trying to stay awake.

We arrived in Tokyo 40 minutes AHEAD of schedule despite some serious turbulence the last 15 mins. Not bad. First time ever. In fact we were so early that we were all unprepared. Seriously I thought we had another hour, but the captain started instructing us to switch off all devices. Kinda cool. But if we had known, we would have risked taking the train to town. Instead, we and a whole bunch of tourists are camped out here.

There are quite a few airport staff here still and security guards, which makes me think this is a daily occurrence. Just another night. Hahah funny. In Kuching, the airport would be empty except for locals who go there for mcd. So different.

I was feeling very tired already upon arrival. Though I must say, we breezed through immigration. No queue! Damn awesome. In Bangkok, it took us so long that even though mum had to do her on-arrival taiwan visa on the spot, she still beat us.

We both got cheered up considerably upon buying some convenience store food. I just arrived and I know, I'm going to miss this so bad when we leave!!

Rows upon rows of sushi, rice balls, cold noodles, pasta, salad, desserts. Fully stocked at midnight! No doubt for all the travelers. I can't wait to go back later.

I would show photos but they are in my camera. Gotta wait till I'm back to Kuching to upload them. We spent RM30+ on a bowl of rice topped with egg, beef, and vege; 2 rice balls with mentaiko (i think) filling (those triangle shaped ones - I love them!); a strawberry tart (it was so good!); a can of beer and a bottle of mineral water. Happy me.

You know how when the air craft stops on Air Asia flight, everyone immediately gets up and grab their stuff from the overhead compartment ? We were quite curious whether the addition of more Japanese and foreign tourists, would we(Malaysians) be more civilized?

Hahah guess what? We are! The plane stops and there is a pause. Hesitating then everyone gets up but admittedly less shoving I think. Or maybe cos we were sitting in front (silent rows) so it was more civilized. Either way, it's good.

Ok I'm running out of things to update. I'll be back!


My version of a Happy Meal. Heheh. 

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