Sunday, 28 April 2013


Photos from my ipad. If I don't update my blog, its just going to be empty again. Even I don't want to open my open blog, what more to say others.

Its just that life is so busy these days. So many things to do that I don't have time to update. Stuff that I want to talk about but can't.

 Ahh anyway, here are some photos from Japan, until I can find the time and energy to craft a really long post. Heheh. If that ever happens. Plus some other miscellaneous photos like this one below:

This is Vero, and yes she is hot. This was a night out at Junk, quite long ago. 

Unrelated but look!! I can do a side braid (whatever its called) all by myself. Messy attempt. It looks better in real life. :)

This was on the plane from KL to Haneda. Cs convinced me to wear specs on the plane. Looked like shit, with no make up on. Never doing that again.

Btw, I had the best passenger beside me. The guy by the window was a total stranger. He didn't eat, didn't drink, didn't need to go to the toilet even once. He barely moved at all throughout the 6 to 7 hours flight. Perfect passenger eh? 

We on the other hand, Cs and I had a nasi lemak each, and sandwich, had beer, went to toilet 2 or 3 times, talked, slept a bit, checked the time and moaned about how long there was to go, and watched movies on the ipad.

Heheh maybe the other guy was scolding us inside his heart. Probably wondering how come we're so hungry, eat so much, and doing so much. Why won't we just sleep?!! Hahah.

This was on the cable car at Hakone. Perfect weather that day! So nice.

Ohh look there's Mount Fuji in the background..

This is what the cable car looked like. Only they call it Hakone Ropeway. 

Fallen petals. Cherry blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen. For weeks before we left for Japan, I was anxiously following reports on cherry blossoms blooming in Tokyo. They bloomed so early this year. The earliest in 10 years. Spoiled all our plans. We and a lot of other tourists on Japan Guide (the forum) were so disappointed.

But someone mentioned that we would still see cherry blossoms in Tokyo, just that its not the same effect. Not so much as two weeks ago. Reason being, in parks like Shinjuku Gyoen, they plant hundreds of varieties of trees, and they do not all bloom at the same time. So, we are still in time to catch some late blooming cherry trees.

There are still quite a lot of people having hanami (picnic) in the park. It was kinda cool. Spread out a mat on the floor and bring food and drinks. 

Heheh playing around with the front camera on the ipad. This was another day (I think) when we went to Ueno.

We bought a lot of souvenirs (mainly food) from a store at Ueno. Think its called Nishi no Kashi (or something like that) from Ameyokocho. There are a few streets there selling food, snacks, shoes, and souvenir item. Generally a good walk for tourists. The names might be wrong cos I forgot by now and I'm too lazy to search. Sorry.

The view from Tokyo Tower. What is that street so filled with bright lights? Shinjuku? Shibuya? Roppongi?

Tokyo Tower. Good thing we decided to go out late one night and try find it ourselves. The view, and the experience was well worth the train ride!

Did I mention I love their convenience stores? Wish we have these here!! 

I'm kinda in love with Cheeza that orange snack thing on the left. I still have 2 left! Think I'll have one later! :D

Going out to watch Iron Man 3 at GSC later. Might bring my Cheeza with me. Heheh. 

OK bye.

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